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Letting Go

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

It's that time of year when we look back at our lives to determine what we need to let go of and our intentions for the new year. Creating space for new things to flow by letting go of people, places, situations, or possessions that are no longer in alignment with our highest good, is a great practice.

What about letting go of something you love but don't need anymore? Do you find yourself resisting, thinking you might need it later? Sometimes I like to challenge myself to give someone a personal item that is very special to me. I want my energy to flow freely, and I do not want to be so attached to an article that I can't let go of it.

The fire in the above photo was burning 50 years of journal writing. Honestly, I never thought I would get rid of them. My journals were a significant part of my life; writing in them helped me to process and release so much! I used to enjoy rereading them to see and remember how far I have come.

So, how did they end up in a bonfire? I was in the U.S. doing book events; it was an excellent time to clean my storeroom. Most of the boxes were things I did not need anymore, and I had no problem releasing them. The journals were another story. Through tears and laughter, I poured my heart and soul into them. Even if I could have taken them with me, I didn't like the idea that they would be there for anyone to read after I left this life.

My son suggested I burn my old tax records in a bonfire. Then it dawned on me I could also make the bonfire a ceremony to honor and burn my journals. It was one of the most potent and meaningful 'letting go' ceremonies I have ever experienced.

Watching them burn was part of the surrendering process, as my writing in the journals had been such an essential part of my life. I knew if I started glancing through them, I might be unable to let them go. So, I took a deep breath, inhaling all the beautiful lessons I learned while baring my soul in my journals. As I exhaled, I thanked my journal-writing experience; my heart knew I did not need them anymore.

Having my son be there with me as a witness helped me release all those thoughts and dreams I had captured in my journals. It was a perfect reminder that life continues to move forward and bring change. Here sat my son, who has been a part of my life for 36 years, watching me let go of 50 years of writing. He knows and appreciates how vital my written communication has been throughout my life. What a poignant moment!

Push the envelope and let more go.

My son, who entered this life as a wise old soul, encouraged me to let go of more things I no longer need. The day before the bonfire, he suggested I ‘work smarter, not harder’ by focusing more on marketing my book online rather than pursuing physical book events. My son knows and is proud of my strong marketing and public relations background, so this caught my attention.

First, he reminded me how well it worked when I fully surrendered to my Spirit Guides to help me write the book. Then he asked some simple questions.

"Why are you still trying to direct all your marketing efforts yourself? Why aren't you letting your Spirit Guides lead the way? You trusted them to help you write the book, and you already have four awards to prove how valuable their input has been. Many people have found you and your book with little effort on your part. Don't you think that is a sign? It's time to lean back and give the marketing reins to your Guides. Surrender, trust, and have faith--aren't those the main components of your book?"

I had asked myself those questions many times.

Then my son did the sweetest thing—he bought four of my books for people to hand out as gifts.

He said, "This is how your book will continue to reach people. There is a natural energy that is bringing your books to those who need them. Trust the process and be open to receiving the unexpected."

Transformation is coming. There is still time to review what you want to release. Choose at least one thing in each area of life—your mind, body, spirit, and space—to let go. Write each of them on a separate slips of paper.

Next, choose things in each of those areas that you want to bring into your life in 2023 and write them down on a piece of paper. Please put them in a special place so they can remind you of your personal transformational goals.

Do a simple ceremony. Meditate, thanking Spirit for bringing healing and transformation to your life. Light candles and use incense or essential oils to enhance the experience. Inhale deeply, visualizing the new things you are ushering into your life. As you exhale, see yourself letting go of what is no longer needed.

Then, one at a time, read what you are releasing. After you read each item, please take a deep breath as you exhale and let it go. Afterward, burn the slip of paper. Feel the release wash over you. End the ceremony by reading your list of your intentions for 2023. Trust and remain open to new things that appear to replace what you released.

To help you on your transformational journey, I am offering a live Question & Answer session on Zoom. Anyone who subscribes to my Wisdom newsletter can participate in the session.

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Image by Xan Griffin

Divine Companions: Spirit Guides

Are you aware that Divine companions surround you all the time? They are there, doing their best to guide and keep you safe. Before you were born this lifetime, Spirit chose them to accompany you through your lifetime, from the moment of your first breath, until your last.

What is a Spirit Guide?

These highly evolved beings have completed the cycle of birth and death in the physical plane and are now serving as teachers and guides to elevate their vibrations further. They are as “real” as you are, but they vibrate at another level and live in another plane of existence.

Usually, Spirt Guides reach you through your dreams and intuition. That quiet voice you hear is often the voice of your teachers and guides. They may also make themselves known through repetitive signs and symbols; they use these to get your attention, so you can discover what they are trying to tell you.

When my Spirit Guides have difficulty getting my attention, they often resort to causing me some physical challenges. The physical problems disappear as soon as I recognize my Guides are trying to reach me, and I understand the message and lessons they are bringing me.

You can have more than one Spirit Guide. I have several, and new ones continue to show up. I trust their process; they are always bringing me guidance and lessons to assist me on my spiritual path.

Some people have archangels and angels as spirit guides. Remember, having an angel appear does not always mean they are your Spirit Guides. Angels can be called in times of distress to assist you for a short time.

Identifying your Spirit Guide

They are always with you, whether you acknowledge their presence. If you want to understand who your guides are, just ask. Start by getting in a quiet meditative space and ask that they reveal themselves to you. Beings from the spiritual realm often communicate through signs and symbols.


Once you ask, you must trust your wisdom. Pay attention to the pictures that appear in your mind. You might see a Native American, a Buddhist monk, or nothing at all. Keep your mind and intuition open. Also, notice if signs, symbols, or messages continue to come up after you ask them to reveal themselves.


Working with your Spirit Guides is a fantastic personal and spiritual growth tool. They dwell in a higher vibrational plane and bring lessons and guidance from other dimensions. You can also ask your Spirit Guides to assist you in physical healing. Before you go to sleep, ask that they do healing work on you.

Life is so much more than what we see. Open your spiritual eyes and hearts, and you will discover a world of wisdom, beauty, and peace you never knew existed. Raise your vibration and allow the beautiful gifts of Spirit to wash over you.

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