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In December 2023, I started noticing a change in energy around me. After three weeks of silence, I realized that part of the change is a better understanding of how, when, and why people communicate.

My preference is to remain in the present moment. When I repeat stories, it keeps me in the past. It is exhausting to keep recounting the same stories.

Another problem with repeating your stories is that it keeps the story's energy and what happened alive. You may want to keep it alive if it is a beautiful memory. What about negative memories — do you want to keep reliving them?

If you can fully let go, release, and heal from your negative experiences, there will not be an urge or need to continue to talk about them. Be aware of the difference between telling your story so you can release and heal from it versus repeating it to justify your thoughts, feelings, and actions about it.

Listening to a negative story affects you energetically. Recently, I was at the beach reading. A man approached the couple near me and started telling a long, detailed story about all the trials and tribulations he had been having with his adult son. Unintentionally, I could hear everything despite not attempting to listen. Rather than move, I realized this would be an excellent opportunity to check my energy as he continued his sad tale. I could perceive and experience the dark energy swirling around. The heaviness of his words permeated everything. He did not seem to be seeking help. I had sympathy for his friends, who were listening and nodding their heads. What was the point of his story beyond dumping on his friends? It changed nothing with his son; he didn't walk away with new ideas on how to deal with him. Following his conversation, I experienced a profound sense of exhaustion.

I understand that sometimes, we experience a need to vent. It is best to ask the person if it is okay to share something bothering you. Make it clear what you want and need. Are you hoping for advice?

Is it simply a desire to be seen, heard, and understood? Can they share a similar experience that might give you an idea about how to handle things in the future?

If you are not up to having a conversation, be clear and compassionate. "I'm sorry. I cannot help you with that issue right now." You can suggest another time to talk. Or, if it is not a discussion you want to have later, permit yourself to say "No."

Understanding that you can say "no" allows you to step back and evaluate how and with whom you share your energy. It could be a temporary 'no' — "I don't want to talk about that right now." Or, maybe you never want to have a particular conversation — "I'm sorry, I am not available to discuss that with you."

It is up to us to determine which conversations and people fill you up rather than drain you. My recent experience of being silent has helped me listen more closely to the wisdom of my Spirit Guides. I am very grateful to be reminded that we all have a choice to participate in conversations with others. I will be saying 'no' more often in my personal life.

What are your thoughts about managing draining people and situations?

Peace & Blessings,


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I am considered an integrative healer—I take a holistic approach, which includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

When I do healing work, I tap into memories of ancient, powerful healing techniques I have used in my past lives. I need to surrender and trust my Divine guidance to use these gifts to their full potential. During my healing work, I get my 3-D ego out of the way so that the information flows to me in its purest form.

One of my gifts is the ability to find the reasons behind the problem. From a spiritual viewpoint, most issues and challenges bring us lessons and gifts. Uncovering the more profound messages opens the door to deep healing.

When I begin a healing session, first, we discuss the client’s intentions. We also talk about what has been going on in their life. I often get a robust, intuitive hit from a word they mention. Many times, one word is enough to lead me to the ultimate cause of their current condition, and then I can clear the trauma and release it from their energy field.

Like many healers, I have had physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that needed healing. A week ago, I had a severe fall and saw it as an opportunity to share transparent and thorough information about my healing process.

Patience, Surrender, Faith, and Trust

With my healing work, everything is in Divine timing. My Spirit Guides show me what I need to see to best help my client. The Guides select the time and the area that needs healing if multiple issues require attention. Healing can be a sudden miracle or a gradual process addressing different layers contributing to the problem.

Healing from my recent fall has been a collaborative effort between my gifts, an excellent medical doctor, and a fantastic caregiver. Even though I was in tremendous pain after the fall, I quickly started receiving Spirit messages.

Sometimes, we don’t realize miracles are happening until later. Looking back, I am in awe of the angels who showed up to help me with the accident.

Gifts and Lessons from the Accident

I was taking my dog on a short walk before I met some friends for dinner. San Miguel de Allende has many cobblestone roads and sidewalks. I do my best to stay mindful when walking, looking for holes or uneven ground. Unfortunately, I did not notice an enormous gap in the sidewalk; I tripped and fell, landing on the street.

Angel # 1 appeared as a car approached me while I fell. My thought when I saw it was that it might run over me. Instead, it reached me right as I landed on the street. My back hit the side of the car, which stopped the fall. Initially, I thought the miracle was that I didn’t get run over by the vehicle. According to the doctor who examined me, the most significant thing about my body hitting the car was that it prevented me from hitting my head on the pavement, which could have been fatal.

Angel # 2 appeared as a friend I had not spent time with for a long time. I didn’t have my phone when I fell, so I wasn’t able to call anyone or access Google Translate. I speak enough Spanish to meet my needs but not to discuss medical issues. The pain was too unbearable to walk. After continuous attempts at walking, a person called a cab for me, and three people had to help get me in the car. I only knew three locations I could direct the taxi to find without being able to give them an exact address. The 2nd person (Angel # 2) was home and agreed to help. He carried me into his house, checked for bruises and swelling, fed me, and let me and my dog spend the night. I realized that night that one of my lessons from this fall was to get me to surrender to my vulnerability and ask for help more easily. A trip to the hospital ER revealed no broken bones the following day.

On the second evening, the person who promised to feed me and walk my dog after my accident did not show up. I felt stressed and overwhelmed. It forced me to reach out and ask for more help. I called a friend, who quickly came over. I also reached out to strangers with an URGENT post that I needed help because I could not take care of myself. The outpouring from strangers was heart-warming. Many gave recommendations for caregivers and doctors. Some continued staying in touch with me, offering their support. I felt seen, loved, and supported.

Three days later, Angel # 3 appeared. Having struggled with debilitating multiple sclerosis for 14 years before it was removed from my body, I became used to not feeling well. I was still having excruciating pain from the fall and could not walk. A friend came over to check on me. When she witnessed my pain and inability to move, she suggested we find a doctor to see me.

It reminded me of the time when I had been experiencing vaginal bleeding at age 65 but had not seen a doctor. A friend arrived to take me on some errands. Like my friend here in San Miguel, she took one look at me and said, "I am taking you to the doctor." Two days later, I am sitting with a gynecologist as he tells me my test results, medical history, and exam show a high probability of ovarian and uterine cancer. Angels can speak through people, especially in an urgent situation.

Since I was immobile from the fall, my San Miguel de Allende friend found a General Practitioner MD who does house calls. The doctor came to my house, did a thorough exam, and gave me new medicine and healing instructions.

Angel # 4 appeared as my new caregiver nurse. After four days, she told my doctor she thought I was ready for simple stretching, exercises, massaging the wounded areas, and switching from ice to heat. After incorporating those into my routine for one day, I could walk using a walker for the first time in a week.

A friend helped me understand that although it was stressful for the 1st caregiver to flake out on me and my dog, it was a blessing. It led me to my current caregiver, who has been instrumental in my healing. The other person did not have those skills, nor would she have the confidence to tell the doctor that it was time to add new things to my healing regime.

Now that I am through the ‘crisis’ portion of this accident and have more mental, emotional, and physical energy, I am doing regular energy healing on myself. I have complete confidence that I will have a full recovery. Am I disappointed I did not have an instant healing? No, not all. Spirit is healing me perfectly, allowing me to release things that don’t serve me while embracing healthier ways that align with my spiritual self.

So grateful for the lessons and gifts I received about graciously asking for and receiving help. I am now more comfortable leaning into my vulnerability and allowing others to help. I no longer need to create a situation that will force me to vulnerable.

I would love to hear your comments about your healing experiences or questions about my healing work.

Peace, Love, & Light


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Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Some people think miracles are rare. Others believe they exist but can't imagine receiving one. Having experienced many blessings in my life, I encourage you to embrace the concept that gifts are available for everyone.

The first step is to believe that you deserve miracles in your life. Believe that you deserve help with anything—a physical illness (even if it is "non-curable"), an emotional problem, a logistical issue like finding an excellent place to live—Spirit is there. Remove your doubts and embrace the possibilities.

Increase the time you devote to your spiritual practice. The more mindful, present, and spiritually attuned you are, the more room you create for miracles to appear.

🙏🏻 Listen to sacred music.

🙏🏻 Meditate.

🙏🏻 Pray.

🙏🏻 Do daily affirmations.

🙏🏻 Have faith.

🙏🏻 Surrender to Spirit.

🙏🏻 Trust that a miracle is on its way to you.

🙏🏻 Rather than ask Spirit for a miracle, there is more power in thanking Spirit in advance for the blessings.

My miracle journey started back in my '30s. Actually, it started at a much younger age, but I was too young to understand it. When I was three, I almost drowned. I fell into a lake at night. It took a lot of CPR to get me breathing again. Another time, probably around five years old, I fell into the deep end of a swimming pool and sank to the bottom. Fortunately, a worker jumped in immediately and rescued me.

In my 20s and early 30s, I struggled with endometriosis. I had three surgeries; they would clean up everything, and then, over time, it would return. Before my 4th surgery, the surgeon did an ultrasound at the hospital right before the operation. As they wheeled me to the operating room, he stopped the gurney and told me I needed to sign a new release because he saw a large tumor on the ultrasound and needed my permission to remove it. I silently said, "I am done." Once I was back in my room, the surgeon asked me what happened. "The tumor and all scar tissue from your prior surgeries were gone. The only explanation is a miracle."

My next big miracle happened when I was pregnant with my son. Around 24 weeks, I had an intense vision dream. In the dream, I was in the delivery room. It surprised me that I didn't know how to do the Lamaze breathing to help with labor. The next thing I noticed was a calendar on the wall. The date said it was September 16; my due date was not until late November. I immediately realized I didn't know how to do Lamaze because I had not started taking the classes. Then it hit me; I was having the baby prematurely.

The following day I woke up with slight cramping. Usually, I would not have been concerned with a bit of cramping. However, because of the dream, I called the doctor's office. They had me come in immediately. My baby had dropped into the birth canal; the doctor sent me home on bed rest. They rechecked me the following day. I was in labor, so she admitted me to the hospital, where I spent a week on all kinds of medicine as they tried to stop the labor.

On September 16, they wheeled me into the delivery room because the labor had intensified, and they anticipated I would be giving birth. Fortunately, the last experimental medicine they tried worked. After a week, they sent me home, and I remained on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy.

What was particularly significant about this miracle was that it made me accept that I did indeed have the ability to receive vision messages about the future. If I had not had the dream, my baby would have been born at 24 weeks.

In my '50s, a neurologist diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis. I told Spirit that I would accept that decision if they needed me to have it for the rest of my life. I also said, "In the meantime, I am going to work on removing it by learning all the spiritual lessons it brings me." After years of numerous alternative healing sessions and a deep dive into my personal growth, a shaman I met in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, completely removed it in 2018. I have been MS-free for almost five years.

While living in Asheville, North Carolina, a psychic healer told me he saw cancer energy surrounding my right breast. My doctor found a large lump in my right breast five years later. I immediately jumped into healing mode; I wanted it gone before they did a biopsy. My first call was to the psychic healer. He said it was cancerous. He made me promise I would follow all Western medicine protocols before he agreed to help me, explaining it was too late to first try alternative healing. The next day I had an ultrasound of my right breast. The lump was gone! I returned to my doctor, who initially found the lump, to ensure she could not find it. She was shocked, saying, "I have never seen a large lump disappear so quickly. That is not something that normally happens."

In 2018 I was shocked when my doctor thought I had uterine and ovarian cancer. He wanted to do surgery and asked me to agree that he could remove anything he thought didn't look good. I reluctantly agreed to the surgery but said I would not let him remove anything before talking with me and showing me the biopsy results. I spent three weeks having multiple sessions with alternative healers. The surgeon was amazed to see that everything looked good. All the biopsies came back negative. So grateful I stood my ground with the surgeon; otherwise, he probably would have done a complete hysterectomy and removed my ovaries and tubes.

Last week I found out I had to move unexpectedly, and needed to find a place to live, pack, and move in less than 30 days. Spirit helped me remain grounded and centered as I leaped into action. I thanked Spirit in advance for finding me a perfect place for my next home. Since I had surrendered entirely, it didn't phase me when I saw places I didn't want. A few days into my search, Spirit gave me a fantastic gift. The owner of the property wanted to stop doing short-term Airbnb rentals. We both felt an immediate connection with each other. He offered to let me live there long-term at a reduced rate.

I told him, "I have been praying to find a special place like this to live." He responded, "And I have been praying to find someone like you to take good care of my house." I reached for his hand to shake it when it was time to leave. Instead, I said, "I know this may seem weird, but I want to hug you." He replied, "I feel the same way."

I don't know about you, but I have never felt like hugging a rental real estate agent. It was a perfect ending to this beautiful miracle.

So, what are you waiting for—start calling in your miracles!

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