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What We Offer

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Chloe's Healing Sessions

  • Chloe offers intuitive shamanic energy healing that utilizes her past life memories of ancient healing techniques.

  • She works with her Spirit Guides to provide energetic emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

  • During the session, Chloe remains in a trance state, tapping into other dimensions and the spirit world.

  • If Spirit has information about a client's past life, Chloe receives sensations and visions, allowing her to see people, places and experiences from the past life. Frequently, stuck energy that causes problems in this lifetime involves a person's death in a past life. Chloe will re-experience your death for you, clearing and releasing all energy that no longer serves you if her Spirit Guides determine it is necessary to clear a past life.

  • Chloe also balances your chakras and performs extra work on any physical, emotional, or spiritual areas her Spirit Guides deem necessary.

  • Afterward, Chloe assists her clients with processing the experience.

In-person sessions 
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Remote sessions
Available Worldwide

 did a burning release ceremony on Friday, Dec. 30, with a client after her healing session. It seemed like her face was changing—looking younger—with each thing she released. When I mentioned it to her, she said that my face was also changing and looking younger.

The rest of the weekend continued with many synchronicities and a new increased level of feeling grounded, centered, happy, content and peaceful.
On January 2nd, I woke up realizing something extremely significant had happened at the release ceremony on December 30. A vortex opened. I thought of my friend, sound immersion healer, River Guerguerin. Vortexes would open when we used to get together in Asheville.

I began an enormous personal transformation in the fall of 2020. It is still happening. It is like I am continuing to be recalibrated so that I may be of more service. This last shift a week ago, has taken me to an amazing new level.
Spirit has been sending me wonderful new things every day since the vortex opened. I was a guest for a healing podcast — there were a few things that had to be corrected. The host thought it might take several weeks; she did it in a few days. I finished my Letting Go blog post—it has been receiving lots of attention from many readers. The California online magazine that interviewed me about my work released the article today.

I also had a big realization that part of the reason I am being asked to share my healing work with others is to help those who have been extremely strong spiritual healers and leaders in a past life. It is my job to help them awaken and remember who they were and step into their power this lifetime. Our world is going to go through more dark times. We will need very strong healers to help heal and rebuild the world.

In the past, I would have said all of this was just coincidence. Not any more! I am being reminded of how beautiful and amazing our world can be. I want to teach people how to find their own power, enhance their spiritual path, and become their own healers.

Healing Testimonials

“The intense healing I received from Chloe helped to open me up to past life traumas and grief and to clear karma so that my current life can progress without continuing to carry burdens from the past. I feel lighter and free to better continue this life’s journey as a Lightworker.  I felt surrounded by a healing golden light. In the days and nights after, I experienced vivid dreams and visions that helped to process past grief and prepare me for the work that is to come. I highly recommend this healing experience for anyone — especially all Lightworkers, Star Seeds and Indigos.”  

         —C.P., Registered Nurse

“Wow! Your ability to tap into my past life and clear the stabbing wound literally feels like you removed a knife from my stomach! I feel like I just had an amazing, empowering energy transformation. Thank you for providing a relaxing and safe environment for my energy soul healing. I am amazed that you could channel such powerful energy. I feel like I can now understand and move past my karmic struggle in that lifetime.”


“Thank you, Chloe, for the healing session. I definitely felt a shift during and after our session and there’s no doubt it had something to do with the positive results I received at my doctor’s appointment. You are a true healer. Every little touch — from the music, crystals, rattle, feather, and even the cards for affirmations afterwards — created such a safe and sacred place for me. You are a beacon of light and love. I always feel blessed to be in your presence; you continually remind me of the Divine.”


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