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Faith, Trust, and Surrender

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

May 30 marked the first anniversary of my award-winning best-selling teaching memoir, Wisdom Keeper: My Extraordinary Journey to Unlock the Sacred Within. It has been quite a year! The main themes of my book—Faith, Trust, and Surrender—are central to everything. Those themes run through everything I do, which makes my life much easier. I no longer depend on my ego-based self to get things done. Instead, I actively partner with my Spirit Guides to lead me. A subtitle of this post could be “How to Bring More Ease and Grace in Your Life.”

Surrendering can seem scary. What if nothing happens? Something is always happening. A ‘no’ or not receiving a message is still an answer and a direction to follow. You may think you are not receiving guidance. Many times, when you aren’t sure if you are being guided, it is because it is not time to change course at that moment.

Take baby steps if it feels too overwhelming to turn your whole life over. Choose one thing in your life and commit to letting go of controlling the activity or outcome. Trust and believe that the Spirit world always has your back when you allow them to help you.

One of the most significant changes I made this past year was agreeing to do more healing sessions. For all of you I turned down in the beginning, I apologize. Initially, I thought doing private healing sessions would take too much time away from my bigger goal of healing the world. My first in-person session was in late September 2022. I slowly started taking on more remote and in-person healing sessions. I realized some of my healing sessions involve significant past-life spiritual leaders and healers. My job is to help them remember and fully step into their power. The world will need many strong spiritual leaders and healers to help with healing and rebuilding.

A big lesson for me was to trust more. Since no one knew my complete story, it took me a while to ease into being comfortable with the entire world having access to this very detailed account of my life. I was concerned that some people would attack me and my book just because they had not had the same experiences. Happy to say that has rarely happened. Observing people’s ‘aha’ moments when they talk about my book has been so rewarding.

The same is true for my healing work. I have witnessed people’s lives change and improve, because I trusted I was supposed to do healing sessions with them. Something very magical is happening with the healing sessions. Many times the Soul Bodies of people from the Ancient Egyptian lifetime, in addition to my Spirit Guides and the Guides of my clients, come to help with the healings. Lots of people are awakening and healing!

How did my faith, trust, and surrendering work out this past year?

Within the first 48 hours of the official book release, it reached # 1 in Amazon’s HOT NEW RELEASES in NINE CATEGORIES.

  • Dreams

  • Energy Healing

  • Faith & Spirituality

  • Health & Spirituality

  • Inspirational Personal Testimonies

  • New Age Reincarnation

  • Personal Transformation & Spirituality

  • Spiritual Healing

  • Women’s Personal Spiritual Growth

🏆WINNER—Memoir by a female—2022 Living Now Book Awards, Books for Better Living

🏆FINALIST New Age: Nonfiction

🏆FINALIST Spirituality: Inspirational


🏆FINALIST New Age Nonfiction—2022 International Book Awards

In addition to these #1 and # 2 BEST SELLER AWARDS, for most of this first year, my book remained in the Top 100 Best-Selling books in multiple categories.


🙏🏻 BOOK EVENTS - Eleven in Six Cities

What’s next?

🌻I will be doing more remote and in-person healing sessions.

🌻Once I have 50 reviews on Amazon for WISDOM KEEPER, I will enter everyone who wrote a review into a drawing. The winner will receive a 1-1/2 hour healing session with me.

🌻I am writing a new book.

🌻I am making a documentary.

How about you?

Are you willing to set some goals for the next twelve months and allow the Spirit world to be in charge of those goals?

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Image by Xan Griffin

Divine Companions: Spirit Guides

Are you aware that Divine companions surround you all the time? They are there, doing their best to guide and keep you safe. Before you were born this lifetime, Spirit chose them to accompany you through your lifetime, from the moment of your first breath, until your last.

What is a Spirit Guide?

These highly evolved beings have completed the cycle of birth and death in the physical plane and are now serving as teachers and guides to elevate their vibrations further. They are as “real” as you are, but they vibrate at another level and live in another plane of existence.

Usually, Spirt Guides reach you through your dreams and intuition. That quiet voice you hear is often the voice of your teachers and guides. They may also make themselves known through repetitive signs and symbols; they use these to get your attention, so you can discover what they are trying to tell you.

When my Spirit Guides have difficulty getting my attention, they often resort to causing me some physical challenges. The physical problems disappear as soon as I recognize my Guides are trying to reach me, and I understand the message and lessons they are bringing me.

You can have more than one Spirit Guide. I have several, and new ones continue to show up. I trust their process; they are always bringing me guidance and lessons to assist me on my spiritual path.

Some people have archangels and angels as spirit guides. Remember, having an angel appear does not always mean they are your Spirit Guides. Angels can be called in times of distress to assist you for a short time.

Identifying your Spirit Guide

They are always with you, whether you acknowledge their presence. If you want to understand who your guides are, just ask. Start by getting in a quiet meditative space and ask that they reveal themselves to you. Beings from the spiritual realm often communicate through signs and symbols.


Once you ask, you must trust your wisdom. Pay attention to the pictures that appear in your mind. You might see a Native American, a Buddhist monk, or nothing at all. Keep your mind and intuition open. Also, notice if signs, symbols, or messages continue to come up after you ask them to reveal themselves.


Working with your Spirit Guides is a fantastic personal and spiritual growth tool. They dwell in a higher vibrational plane and bring lessons and guidance from other dimensions. You can also ask your Spirit Guides to assist you in physical healing. Before you go to sleep, ask that they do healing work on you.

Life is so much more than what we see. Open your spiritual eyes and hearts, and you will discover a world of wisdom, beauty, and peace you never knew existed. Raise your vibration and allow the beautiful gifts of Spirit to wash over you.

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