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Remote Worldwide Healing

In-Person Healing
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 


May 23 - June 8


healing sessions

Photo by SacredFusion, Kazuhiro Tomi

Sesiones de sanación por Chloe

  • Chloe ofrece curación de energía chamánica intuitiva que utiliza sus recuerdos de vidas pasadas de técnicas de curación antiguas.

  • Ella trabaja con sus Guías Espirituales para brindar sanación energética emocional, física, mental y espiritual.

  • Durante la sesión, Chloe permanece en estado de trance, aprovechando otras dimensiones y el mundo de los espíritus.

  • Si Espíritu tiene información sobre la vida pasada de un cliente, Chloe recibe sensaciones y visiones, lo que le permite ver personas, lugares y experiencias de la vida pasada. Con frecuencia, la energía estancada que causa problemas en esta vida implica la muerte de una persona en una vida pasada. Chloe volverá a experimentar tu muerte por ti, limpiando y liberando toda la energía que ya no te sirve si sus Guías Espirituales determinan que es necesario limpiar una vida pasada.

  • Chloe también equilibra tus chakras y realiza un trabajo adicional en cualquier área física, emocional o espiritual que sus guías espirituales consideren necesaria.

  • Posteriormente, Chloe ayuda a sus clientes a procesar la experiencia.

In-person sessions 
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 


Remote sessions
Available Worldwide

  did a burning release ceremony on Friday, Dec. 30, with a client after her healing session. It seemed like her face was changing—looking younger—with each thing she released. When I mentioned it to her, she said that my face was also changing and looking younger.

The rest of the weekend continued with many synchronicities and a new increased level of feeling grounded, centered, happy, content and peaceful.
On January 2nd, I woke up realizing something extremely significant had happened at the release ceremony on December 30. A vortex opened. I thought of my friend, sound immersion healer, River Guerguerin. Vortexes would open when we used to get together in Asheville.

I began an enormous personal transformation in the fall of 2020. It is still happening. It is like I am continuing to be recalibrated so that I may be of more service. This last shift a week ago, has taken me to an amazing new level.  Spirit has been sending me wonderful new things every day since the vortex opened. I was a guest for a healing podcast — there were a few things that had to be corrected. The host thought it might take several weeks; she did it in a few days.

I finished my Letting Go blog post—it has been receiving lots of attention from many readers. The California online magazine that interviewed me about my work released the article today.I also had a big realization that part of the reason I am being asked to share my healing work with others is to help those who have been extremely strong spiritual healers and leaders in a past life. It is my job to help them awaken and remember who they were and step into their power this lifetime.

Our world is going to go through more dark times. We will need very strong healers to help heal and rebuild the world.In the past, I would have said all of this was just coincidence. Not any more! I am being reminded of how beautiful and amazing our world can be. I want to teach people how to find their own power, enhance their spiritual path, and become their own healers.

Medical Intuitive, Catherine Carrigan, host of the UK Healing Radio Show, interviews author and healer, Chloe Kemp, about an integrated approach to healing Multiple Sclerosis and other problems

Testimonios de sanación

"What a profound, life-changing experience! Of all the spiritual experiences I have had, my healing session with Chloe is at the top of the list. I was a bit skeptical that it could be impactful considering we were doing it virtually, but it was SO incredibly powerful that I will never doubt again. She told me things about my past lives that align so perfectly with my current lifetime. There’s no way she could have known those things about me, but as soon as she spoke the words, a river of tears flowed from my eyes – my soul was recognizing itself in the past, present and future. I am now living more fully expressed, more authentically, not holding anything back; I am confident in my abilities and am leaving behind a doubt. Chloe opened my eyes to the fact that my intuition is powerful and I only needed to stop doubting myself. Her myriad of messages reminded me of who I am and have always been – a healer. It is a deep knowing that was truly rooted in my past lives. I only needed to be reintroduced. It was like coming home to myself. To the ME that has been waiting with arms outstretched. I received my previous incarnations like a warm blanket. It enveloped me with the understanding and agreement to move forward and continue the work I had done for so many lifetimes. I have found the sacred in my everyday life and I have Chloe to thank for that. And that was only one session, I am so excited for all the future holds for us all." Graciela Laurent Valdes,  USA

"I can honestly say my life has changed for the better in a blink of an eye. I can not begin to express how grateful I am to you for giving me the tools I’ve been looking for my whole life. My session with you was amazing. You were point on, for the answers to the “why” I’ve been feeling certain things and experiencing the betrayal of people I consider friends, which was very insightful. My experiences of death from a very early age have never been explained until your session. It all makes perfect sense to me now. Getting answers to the “why” questions was the turning point for me. I’ve always felt that we are in actuality all things tied together. We are or have been either evil and good or combinations of both. We return life after life to learn these lessons from both sides of the Yin and Yang and to understand and raise our vibrations. I have been following your advice and doing the work you suggested, and am feeling much better. The anger outbursts have all but stopped and the few times it bubbles up I recognized it for what it is and why it came up again so I can reverse my feelings and actions. "—P.S., San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“You are a true healer. I always feel blessed to be in your presence; you continually remind me of the Divine.

Chloe, thank you for the healing session. I definitely felt a shift during and after our session and there’s no doubt it had something to do with the positive results I received at my doctor’s appointment. Every little touch — from the music, crystals, rattle, feather, and even the cards for affirmations afterwards — created such a safe and sacred place for me. You are a beacon of light and love.” —K.M., USA

“Prior to working with Chloe, I’d always been curious about my past lives. While I’d had sessions with shamans, psychics, and energy healers, I’d never worked with anyone who is able to tap into past lives. Although I knew there was no guarantee that Chloe would be able to access anything about my past, my intuition told me to give it a go - and I’m so glad I did. My sessions with Chloe cleared energy blocks and provided valuable insights about my past (and present) that have helped me to better understand myself and my purpose in the present. She is a gifted healer and I’d highly recommend her to anyone."DM, Digital Nomad

“I had two extraordinary sessions that opened up my soul secrets that I always felt but couldn’t pull together.  Chloe opened the doors. and opened my heart. I lost my fear of physical abuse and allowed my vulnerability to be honored and blessed.  Thank you Chloe. You have been a gift to me. I knew when I read your book before the sessions my life would be altered.”Artist, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“La intensa sanación que recibí de Chloe me ayudó a abrirme a los traumas y al dolor de vidas pasadas y a despejar el karma para que mi vida actual pueda progresar sin seguir cargando con las cargas del pasado. Me siento más ligero y libre para continuar mejor el viaje de esta vida como Trabajador de la Luz.  Me sentí rodeada por una luz dorada sanadora. En los días y noches posteriores, experimenté vívidos sueños y visiones que me ayudaron a procesar el dolor del pasado y me prepararon para el trabajo que estaba por venir. Recomiendo encarecidamente esta experiencia de sanación a cualquiera, especialmente a todos los Trabajadores de la Luz, Semillas Estelares e Índigos”.  

      CP, Enfermera Registrada

"Chloe radiates soothing energy. She demonstrates clearly the ability to communicate with Spirits. She heals, encourages and speaks from her heart. I am grateful to have met her and to witness her abilities empirically."—K.H., San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

“Wow! Your ability to tap into my past life and clear the stabbing wound literally feels like you removed a knife from my stomach! I feel like I just had an amazing, empowering energy transformation. Thank you for providing a relaxing and safe environment for my energy soul healing. I am amazed that you could channel such powerful energy. I feel like I can now understand and move past my karmic struggle in that lifetime." A.J. USA

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Happy to announce a NEW SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM for Chloe Kemp Wisdom Keeper's REMOTE HEALING SESSIONS. 

Very grateful for all of you that can pay full price; you are helping someone who is not as fortunate, to receive a healing 🙏🏻


You must submit a scholarship application to be considered. Chloe’s intention is to select one person each month to receive a 50% discount for her healing session.

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