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Sueños y visiones psíquicas, recordar vidas pasadas y convertirse en una curandera chamánica intuitiva: esta es la historia del extraordinario viaje espiritual de una mujer ordinaria.  Con pura honestidad, Chloe comparte su historia de despertar a su propósito divino, sanándose a sí misma y su viaje para sanar a los demás. GUARDIANA DE LA SABIDURÍA revela el camino Divino hacia una vida más pacífica, feliz, plena y saludable.


Las conexiones de Chloe con guías espirituales en otras dimensiones aportan conocimiento cósmico a su antigua sabiduría. Su extraordinario viaje está lleno de visiones, sueños lúcidos y proféticos, universos paralelos, sueños colectivos y conocimiento de vidas pasadas. Se curó a sí misma de un trauma profundamente incrustado, una enfermedad incurable y condiciones médicas graves. Chloe comparte importantes experiencias místicas que tuvo en Atenas, Grecia; Creta; París, Francia; Ecuador; México; y Carolina del Norte. Ha realizado curaciones chamánicas intuitivas y sesiones de mediumnidad en Ecuador, México y Estados Unidos. 

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Memoir by a female

2022 Living Now Book Awards
Books for Better Living

New Age: Non Fiction

Spirituality: Inspirational

 New Age Nonfiction

2022 International Book Awards

Within the first 48 hours of the official English edition release, it reached # 1 in Amazon’s HOT NEW RELEASES in NINE CATEGORIES:

  • Dreams         

  • Energy Healing        

  • Faith & Spirituality    

  • Health & Spirituality

  • Inspirational Personal Testimonies         

  • New Age Reincarnation

  • Personal Transformation & Spirituality  

  • Spiritual Healing

  • Women’s Personal Spiritual Growth

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Book Reviews

I entered my book in the  competition for the 2022 Writer’s Digest Book Awards. Even though it was not chosen, I am thrilled with the comments that the judge wrote about my book!

Structure, Organization, Pacing: “The scene with your two-year-old son blew me away. You picked exactly the right place to start this book, and then the pace never let up - it kept me lured into reading. This book has both memoir elements and self-help content, and the balance between them, the organization, held my interest completely.”

Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar: “Don't know if this is all editing or you were some English teacher's favorite student, but the editing is flawless. I could not even find a typo.” 

Production Quality and Cover Design: “Adored the cover art. The colors are so peaceful and appealing - I would pick this up in a random walk-through in a bookstore just to see what it was—very appealing book presentation.”

Plot, Story, or Topic Appeal: “Best part is that you are so frank, honest, and also bring up and cover some of the objections a reader might have. For example, when you speak of the trauma in your calf from when you were three and you finally explored the cause beyond your parent's divorce, when you say you appreciate Western Medicine as for a broken bone, your wisdom is so apparent. Your language and great sense brings so much credibility to the topic appeal. Kudos.”

Character Appeal and Development: “Complexity of the world in which we exist and the layers of meaning that we experience requires an adept mind to represent on the page. For example, when you decide to hitchhike to Big Sur and you hear the music, it has colors, was a beautiful scene. You present it in its purest form. Everything you wrote here was so credible, intense, personal yet universal.”

Please share 1-3 things that you enjoyed or that readers will find compelling about this book and why: “Credibility is #1. This is a topic about which many are skeptical. Then the reader starts identifying with having the same issues you've had and the dominoes start falling and next thing you know, the reader is thinking about seeking a specialist to explore this further.”


Voice and Writing Style: “You are not just filled with sacred wisdom, but also the ability to communicate your story with words. It is a rare gift. No one else could have written this—it is so much by you and of you.”


Final Comments: “I wish I could have recommended this book for the next round of judging. I read 30 nonfiction books and could only send one forward. Had I been able to send two, this one would have gone. As it was, I had a difficult decision. I will discard most of the other books, but this one is staying in my library. Thank you. I am recommending it to writers and friends as well.”

Chloe, your book is amazing, beautiful!!!!! Karen Sasso, Argentina/Mexico

"I started reading it. I found it interesting and more and more, I could feel many things you wrote. How interesting about past lives and everything that influences lives, in this life, etc……I would like to know more about my past lives.

I am very grateful for having crossed your path. I feel lucky to have your book. I wish many people could read it. I feel greater motivation and creativity for my inner life and for projects and things that I want to share with others, and sometimes I don’t share. Thank you! A Big Hug.” 


I read this book in one day from the edge of my seat! - Graciela  V, USA

"My entire life I have always felt that books held secrets. That if I just keep picking up a book I would find one chapter, one sentence, or even one word that would change my life. After a lifetime of this intuition, I found the book that I had been waiting for my entire life. Gripping from the very first paragraph, Chloe’s writing is melodic, familiar and comforting; her stories are relatable and astonishing all at once.


I read this book in one day from the edge of my seat. Always feeling like tears and laughter were at the threshold of my throat and my eyes, it was a pleasant, reassuring peacefulness that carried me through the pages. Her directions for tapping into your own sacredness are direct, powerful and practical while remaining magical. I’ve never felt so buoyed by a book. I am immediately buying this book in bulk and gifting it to my dearest friends. This is a must read. This book merits my highest recommendation."

A Remarkable Journey of Healing and Courage - Burt  K,  USA

"Chloe Kemp subtitles her book: My Extraordinary Journey to Unlock the Sacred Within. Believe her. This is a life story is remarkable, inspiring and thrilling. It took considerable courage for Kemp to write this book -- not the courage required to slay a dragon or summit a mountaintop, but to live an authentic spiritual life. We witness medical miracles, growing awareness of worlds beyond our world, portents and warnings and triumphs and traumas born in the mists of time. This is edge-of-your-seat material. Kemp also generously supplies readers with numerous ways they can embark on their own healing journeys. This fascinating memoir ends on a touching, hopeful note. I heartily recommend it."

A Gripping Personal Story Leads to a Spiritual Awakening - Erik  R, MEXICO

"This is a book I may not have ever read, had I not happened to meet Chloe recently as she was getting ready to launch Wisdom Keeper. I can say that coming to know her, as well as having read her extremely personal and courageous memoir, has changed my life. Chloe's goal is to heal the world through spiritual awakening; her compelling story of lifelong trauma and illness, spiritual practice and recovery has inspired me to be open to the messages around us and to begin to develop a spiritual practice in my own life. Chloe's guide to beginning a spiritual practice offers a wealth of resources to a multitude of approaches - nothing dogmatic or doctrinaire here. Surprise yourself, as I did!"

A Fearless Journey of Telling One's Truth - Lisa M, USA

"Chloe Kemp is fearless in sharing the truths of her own healing and self-discovery. Not only does she write about her own life’s dramatic journey, but she is passionate about giving others the tools and insights she has learned throughout her incredible life: Tools and practices to trust your own intuition, heal your life’s wounds, find your own life’s truth, and live your life with purpose, meaning, and harmony; thus being an essential part of the cosmic healing of the universe. I particularly appreciated the glossary with links to the many healing techniques she discusses in the book, since she understands that each person has his or her own path to healing and wisdom. Thank you, Chloe, for so bravely sharing your truth with the us. I truly feel your fiercely positive spirit about the future of our world when reading your words."

From the first pages of WISDOM KEEPER, Chloe Kemp's writing style hooked me -  Alex Ndirangu for Reader's Favorite Book Awards, USA

“Is there any truth in the concept of reincarnation or the existence of higher cosmic realms? How may we discover how to harness the strength of this cosmic dimension to reach a higher level of spiritual and mental development? The interesting journey of Chloe Kemp provides answers to these profound questions. She discovers her divine calling, deals with ingrained trauma, abandons a sad lifestyle, and eventually enjoys a more peaceful and healthy life. In her memoir, Wisdom Keeper: My Extraordinary Journey to Unlock the Sacred Within, Chloe Kemp navigates us through her astonishing journey, which is a testament to her unrelenting commitment to exploring new regions of consciousness and to her exceptional capacity for receiving direction from Spirit Guides.


From the first pages of Wisdom Keeper, Chloe Kemp's writing style hooked me. The inventiveness of her work is evidenced by the overall presentation of her conversations. She begins by explaining how she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2004 before moving on to discuss how she found consolation in her spiritual life. We can all agree that receiving such a diagnosis is bad for one's mental health. This was not the case for Chloe, who saw this as an opportunity to teach herself some valuable lessons. Her capacity to find light in such a dark situation makes her stand out not only as an emotionally strong person but also as an inspiration to others. I applaud Chloe for selecting the first-person narration method. The discussions and stories are more memorable to the reader when experienced firsthand. Chloe wrote this book in such a way that it provides as many details as possible without becoming weighed down by them. This was my favorite aspect, and I believe it is noteworthy. Anyone yearning for a fresh light in their lives will adore this book.”

Wonderful account of a life of spiritual awakenings and discovery - James B, USA 

"This is a ‘read it in one sitting’ book for me….one chapter and I was engaged and did not want to close it til I finished! CK is an easily accessible writer, easy to access, clear on her topics. The book flows and progresses wonderfully, and her personal disclosures and discoveries are uplifting to this reader. Fascinating, not to be overlooked!" 

A Memoir for the Spiritually Curious - Donna G, USA  

"WISDOM KEEPER recounts a lifelong call to question conventional thinking and to know oneself from the inside out. Chloe Kemp shares the challenges she faced and the extraordinary choices she made. Her memoir demonstrates what "going within and without" truly means. I was impressed with Chloe's dedication to discover a deeper level of consciousness at every turn. Spiritual Seekers will find this an intriguing read."

Chloe's lucid memoir succeeded to inspire and support me to go deeper with my healing abilities - Sherry R, MEXICO

"The first few pages brought me quickly into Chloe's extraordinary spiritual journey. This journey parallels her striking abilities to tap into higher cosmic dimensions. Unfolding experiences and crises throughout her memoir become opportunities to gain insight from Spirit Guides, to heal herself and others, and to transform to accept her life's purpose. I chose to savor each chapter and pause to digest and contemplate.

I was also super impressed with the thoroughness of the book's last portion, which focused on personal and researched offerings of resources, information, and wisdom to help the reader grow, heal, and ultimately unlock the sacred within. This book needs to be read by anyone slightly curious about or already tapping into the higher dimensions, which are always present and ready to help self-heal and heal others, especially our beloved planet Earth."

Inspiration (and Validation) for the Spiritually Curious (or Confused) - Doreen C, Digital Nomad

"A must-read for anyone curious (or confused) about spirituality and how it shows up in their own, everyday life. By fully embracing her own truth and sharing how she made sense out of her unconventional experiences with illness, treatment, and recovery, as well as a wide-variety of unexpected spiritual experiences and memories, Chloe encourages readers to trust themselves and their intuition, and to embrace the unique way in which spirituality shows up in their lives, all while inspiring readers to act so that together, we can heal the world."

Spiritual Thriller! - Susan P, USA

"Chloe has written an amazing book about her spiritual journey that reads like a thriller. Her warm and relaxed way of recounting her amazing and diverse experiences in the spiritual realm make the book relatable even if you have no personal experience with her themes. She tells her story that includes visions, past lives, shamanic healing, and much more. The story takes place over many decades and in many diverse countries. She has had significant trauma in her life that she has courageously faced over and over which led to her significant healing in so many areas of her life. You have to read it to believe it!


In addition to telling her story, Chloe provides a wealth of resources for the average reader to learn how to begin their spiritual journey and to take care of themselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically. No matter where the reader is on their journey, there are resources that should prove helpful to them. I highly recommend reading this book!"

Le agradecería mucho que dejara una reseña de mi libro.

Alabanza Anticipada

“El viaje sincero de Chloe es el verdadero negocio aquí para inspirarnos a todos. Mostrándonos el poder de la sanación espiritual y la conexión entre los desafíos a los que nos enfrentamos y cómo están aquí para despertarnos a nuestra grandeza. Lleva al lector en un viaje de la oscuridad a la luz, de la lucha a la libertad, del miedo al amor. Gracias, Chloe, por este viaje increíble. Una lectura obligada para todos los que desean una verdadera transformación”.— Dra. Shannon South, Terapeuta Galardonada, Autora de Best-Seller y Fundadora de los Programas Ignite Your Life y de negocios

“Cada experiencia escrita por Cloe en sus memorias espirituales tiene un propósito curativo. Ella comparte procesos de sanación en los ámbitos físico, emocional y espiritual, mostrándonos nuestra capacidad de utilizar todos los niveles de energía para lograr una sanación profunda y duradera. Cloe nos revela la importancia de la conexión con el mundo espiritual, el mundo físico y nuestras vidas pasadas hasta el presente. Ella nos recuerda que somos esenciales en el Universo; cuando sanamos, nuestros seres queridos, las personas que nos rodean y la Tierra también sanan. Chloe muestra por qué es importante estar conectado tanto con los elementos de la tierra como con los elementos del mundo cósmico. Ella comparte cómo usa la energía curativa física, emocional y espiritual para liberarse de la lucha y el trauma. Chloe nos inspira a hacer lo mismo. Bien hecho. Te lo agradezco mucho. Este libro es realmente para todos”. —Eduardo Morales, Curandero Chamánico, Tepoztlán, Morelos, México


“WISDOM KEEPER está repleto de maravillosas experiencias personales sobre el poder de la curación, las visualizaciones, los sueños y la escucha de nuestras voces internas. Chloe Kemp describe encuentros con otros en una multitud de niveles, incluidos seres sagrados, chamanes y otros seres humanos de alma profunda. Este libro inspira al lector a profundizar en sí mismo e invitar a que emerja su propio sanador personal. Chloe nos ayuda a entender que todo es posible”. —River Guerguerian, Sanador de Inmersión Sonora, Músico, Compositor y Educador  


“Habiendo conocido y trabajado personalmente con Chloe, sé que es una mujer genuina con una misión y una clara determinación de cumplir su propósito en esta vida. Ha seguido el llamado de Spirit no solo para compartir historias de su vida y la sabiduría que ha adquirido, sino también para tejer energías y expresar una frecuencia de conciencia que tiene una forma de llevar a su lector a un estado más profundo de conciencia y potencia por sí mismos. viaje único. El libro de Chloe arroja luz sobre nuestra capacidad para reconectarnos con el origen de lo que nos convierte a cada uno de nosotros en una parte especial del plan Divino, y lo hace de una manera muy humilde y accesible”. —Michael Brasunas, Sanador Energético Holístico


“¡Esto fue tan bueno! Muy entretenido, revelador y atractivo, además de informativo y práctico. Tienes un buen tono de conversación que también es motivador e inspirador. Se siente como si estuvieras compartiendo información con un buen amigo. El ritmo fue muy bueno; no había partes lentas. Tienes una manera de hacer que toda la información sea relevante e interesante, como si estuvieras hablando directamente al lector en lugar de a una audiencia vaga y general. Muchas personas pueden ser nuevas en sus ideas, y usted hace un excelente trabajo comunicando esas ideas y relacionándolas con sucesos reales en su vida. Presentas un caso sólido, al ilustrar los beneficios para tu propia vida, de por qué todo esto debería preocupar a los lectores y cómo puede ayudarlos en sus propias vidas. Este es un gran libro sobre cómo vivir una vida más plena, más feliz y más pacífica que te beneficiará a ti y a los demás en el mundo”.   —Susan, EE. UU.


“La narrativa es inmensamente cruda y profundamente personal. La lucidez del lenguaje y el fluir sin esfuerzo me penetraron silenciosamente. Fue estimulante, esperanzador y vino con un toque de suspenso al mismo tiempo. Me sentí involucrado y comprometió todas mis emociones por completo. ¡El asombro fue real!”  —Abantika, India



“Tu fuerza de claridad y facilidad saltó de cada página. No hubo caídas o capítulos que no cumplieron con los altos estándares que estableciste. Siempre parecía que la experiencia del lector estaba al frente de su mente, incluso en el diálogo, que siempre era claro y fácil de fluir. Cada palabra pronunciada tenía un propósito. Tu voz de escritura es suave y complementa bien tu contenido. Atrae al lector a los eventos y la esencia de su mensaje, sumergiéndolos en su mundo. Usar sus propias experiencias para afirmar su punto ayudó a construir una relación personal con su lector. Todos tus personajes tenían un propósito e impulsaron la narrativa. El fluir del tiempo y la sensación de un viaje me hicieron desear descubrir qué aprenderías y experimentarías a continuación”.  —Matt, Reino Unido                                

“Como mucha gente dijo, tienes un don para la curación espiritual. También tienes un don para contar historias. Estaba completamente comprometido y realmente creía en esta historia. Tienes un tono de conversación maravilloso. Siento que estás hablando directamente con el lector, lo que lo invita aún más a la historia que estás contando. El tono del libro es muy esperanzador y sincero, con mensajes alentadores de ser uno mismo auténtico. Ha creado una historia convincente, interesante e importante”.  —Jessica, EE. UU.   


“Sus inspiradoras memorias son atractivas y estimulantes en todo momento. Reúne las ideas espirituales más elevadas y los marcos prácticos que todos pueden entender y aplicar. Estoy seguro de que será bien recibido”.  —Louise, Australia

“¡El ritmo y el flujo de la historia son perfectos! Podía imaginar cada escena en mi mente. El estilo de escritura es asombroso. Todo tenía sentido. Tus experiencias de vida son tan únicas. Sentí que estaba en un mundo mágico donde pueden ocurrir milagros. Tu historia es inspiradora y motivadora”.   —Taibaya, Pakistán

“¡Este libro es una lectura fascinante!”  —Caleb, EE. UU.

“Este intrigante libro está bellamente escrito. Realmente ha sido revelador. Me he estado preguntando cuántos de mis propios problemas tendrían sentido o estarían más cerca de resolverse si encontrara una sanadora como Chloe o las que ella menciona en sus libros”.  —Megahlee, India


“Cuentas eventos, sueños y momentos de tu vida de una manera muy atractiva que no solo es agradable, sino que también invita a la reflexión”.  —Josh, EE. UU.


“Como todo el mundo tiene sus altibajos, WISDOM KEEPER ayudará a convertir la enfermedad en salud y la debilidad en fortaleza. Chloe, un alma hermosa, comparte sus experiencias y desafíos de la vida en un estilo conversacional simple. Ella enseña que una mente abierta y el poder del pensamiento pueden curar cualquier situación”.  —Aneela, Pakistán

"Tu historia es bastante notable".  —Michael, EE. UU.

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