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Chloe Kemp

My Extraordinary Journey to Unlock the Sacred Within

    Chloe’s extraordinary journey 

  • Visions

  • Lucid and prophetic dreams

  • Parallel universes

  • Collective dreaming

  • Knowledge of past lives

  • Healing from deeply embedded trauma, an incurable illness, and serious medical conditions. 

  • Chloe's connections with Spirit Guides in other dimensions bring cosmic knowledge to her ancient wisdom.

  • She is a Wisdom Keeper who can foresee and interpret Divine truth.

  • Chloe has performed intuitive energetic shamanic healing and mediumship sessions in the U.S., Mexico and Ecuador. 

Chloe’s psychic abilities 

  • Clairvoyance – sees beyond ordinary perception

  • Clairaudience – hears messages from the spirit world

  • Prophecy – perceives future events

  • Remote viewing – connects and heals from a distance

  • Telepathy – sends and receives thoughts via extrasensory energy

  • Clairsentience – uses strong intuition that gives information and warnings from the spirit world

I am
Multiple Sclerosis Survivor

I utilized alternative healing tools to completely remove my MS after 14 debilitating years. There is no cure for multiple sclerosis. All Western medicine can do for you is try to slow down the progression. I have been MS-free for 5 years! You don't have to stay sick. 

Check out my healing story. Read my best-selling award-winning book, WISDOM KEEPER: My Extraordinary Journey to Unlock the Sacred Within 

GOLD WINNER: Memoir by a female
2022 Living Now Book Awards - Books for Better Living

FINALIST - New Age: Non Fiction
FINALIST - Spirituality: Inspirational

FINALIST - New Age: Non Fiction
 2022 International Book Awards

Praise for the Wisdom Keeper book

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About the Cover Art

Writing the WISDOM KEEPER  book was a spiritual mission; I felt a tremendous responsibility to honor it in every way. I didn’t have a particular image in mind when looking for the cover art. More important to me was the feeling and emotions that the art invoked.

I immediately put this piece at the top of my favorites list when I noticed this beautiful art on Wendy Andrew's website ( It reflects what I experience when I perform energy healing or other spiritual work. I have a deep connection and work with elements on Earth and in the Cosmos. The larger spirals reflect how my spiritual energy moves through me.


Wisdom Keeper.JPG

Spirals symbolize cycles — beginnings, birth, growth, change, transformation, death, reincarnation. They remind us that everything changes; nothing stays the same. Energy moves through and around us like a spiral. They occur in nature and the Cosmos. Spirals are recognized worldwide as a symbol of spiritual development and the connection to the Universe.


I love the calmness and serenity the Goddess conveys. That is exactly how I feel when I am in a trance state. Her spiraled-filled gown connects her to the Earth and moves up towards the cosmos. Spirals move through her hands and hair to connect with the sky and beyond. Animals, birds, and extra strands of different colors found in the spirals emanating from her hair show our interconnectedness with the Earth and the Universe. The white owl, often associated with spiritual evolution, connects us to our inner wisdom and transformational abilities.


The colors used in this art are exquisite. Lavender, purples, and white reflect the crown chakra, which is about spiritual connection with yourself, others, the Universe, and your life purpose. The blues, greens, tan, the subtle white stars, and the way the trees curl up towards each other and the sky also send a beautiful message about the connection between the Earth and the Cosmos.


Wendy Andrew, an internationally acclaimed artist  known for her Goddess and mythological paintings, has worldwide collectors of her work.

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