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The Reluctant Prophet

by Chloe Kemp

If you meet me in person, you may notice some hesitancy on my part to share my spiritual story. It has been a profound experience. Until I decided to write the WISDOM KEEPER book, I had only shared a few details of my journey with a small group of people. No one knows the entire story, not even my closest friends. There are several reasons for choosing to keep it private. Some things I experienced seemed extremely far out; I didn’t know who could even understand or process the information.

When I started levitating in my 30s, it was difficult for me to accept that it was happening. I did nothing to create that experience; it just showed up. Most of the unusual things that have happened to me occurred naturally, without me doing anything. I didn’t ask for these gifts; they just kept appearing. I felt I was being given these experiences by Spirit and wanted to protect and cherish these Divine gifts by not talking about them.


I decided to write my book, WISDOM KEEPER, based on information I received from my Spirit Guides. They gave me a coherent message that it was time to reveal everything. It has been challenging to go from telling almost no one to sharing my journey with the entire world.


In the first month of writing the book, I found out someone in my soul family had placed an entity inside me thousands of years ago that prevented me from accessing my authentic sacred wisdom, knowledge, power, and abilities. At first, I thought it was done maliciously. As the story unfolded, I realized it was for my protection, so that I would not be able to use all my spiritual knowledge and abilities until it was safe.


When I discussed it with my Mexican shaman, he confirmed I was correct about why it had happened. Then, he told me the entity left my body when my mother died a few days earlier. He said the entity  had been programmed to stay in my body until this lifetime upon my mother’s death. I am aware all my sacred wisdom, knowledge, power, and abilities are returning. Considering the entity had been with me for thousands of years, I still sometimes struggle with not wanting to reveal everything.


Now it has become my mission to share my knowledge, help awaken people, and heal the world. If I want to succeed in this mission, I need to stand in my power with complete transparency. I have a strong marketing background, so I know what I need to do to reach people. Yet, I am experiencing mixed feelings about “marketing” my spiritual life like a commodity. It goes against my spiritual nature to “promote” this information.


Since I am completely transparent in what I reveal in my book, I was hoping somehow, by osmosis, that the information would spread naturally and more people would read the book. However, if my goal is to heal the world, I understand I need to do what’s necessary to reach as many people as possible.


After sharing my thoughts with a friend, he made a simple comment.


“Sounds like you’re a reluctant prophet.”


I had never heard that term before; it is a perfect description of me. Although I embrace everything about my spirituality, I am still reluctant to discuss things that might seem like they are coming from my ego in a “look at me and what I can do” way. If I was not aligned with my spirituality, I don’t think Spirit would give me access to these Divine gifts. Ever since they started appearing, I have respected them as gifts from the Divine, not from me.


In the past, I have only done energy healing and mediumship work when my Spirit Guides directed me to offer it to certain people. Most people are not even aware I am a healer and medium, or that I have numerous psychic abilities. I remain committed to listening to my Spirit Guides and following their direction. In the same way, I trusted them when they told me it was time to share what I know; I trust that if they want me to perform a healing or connect with spirits for someone, they will guide me in that direction.


So, maybe I am not as reluctant as I seem ... just a spiritual traveler who continuously checks in with the Divine before I take action.



An amazing new lesson about trusting Spirit!

I recently had to take a break from marketing my book because I felt burned out. This break continued for almost two months, except for things I had scheduled in advance. Even though I trusted Spirit, I was a bit concerned that maybe I would not get back the momentum I had created for my book.


BEST SPIRIT SURPRISE EVER!!! After the promotion I did yesterday, which was only the 2nd promo I have done since my break, I wake up to this: My Award-Winning Inspirational Memoir, WISDOM KEEPER: My Extraordinary Journey to Unlock the Sacred Within, is NOW the TOP-SELLING BOOK in INSPIRATIONAL PERSONAL TESTIMONIES on Amazon!!


What a wonderful tribute to all the time, energy, and courage it took to write and get this book out. Trust me, it took a while for me to be willing to share all that I know and have experienced spiritually.  The fact that it is affecting people in such a positive way, giving them inspiration to awaken and heal, is like receiving a thousand kisses from the sun and moon.


My wish for you is that when Spirit knocks on your door, you embrace and surrender to all that Spirit  can bring to your life.

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